Lugansk State Art University in Ukraine

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Lugansk State Art University in Ukraine

We have received a document for evaluation from the Lugansk State Art University. How do I check accreditation from this institution? I can't seem to find any information on the Ministry of Education website (at least in English). Does anyone know if EducationUSA has an office in Ukraine so that I can verify the accreditation of the University?


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re: Lugansk State Art University in Ukraine
Hi, I have been using the OSVITA site: to check accreditation. From that it seems like the name is actually the Lugansk Academy of Culture and Arts (probably a translation error, the name in Ukranian is Луганська державна академія культури і мистецтв). It is a level 3 accredited school meaning it can award Bachelor's, Specialists and, in certain professions (specialties) Master's degrees. The OSVITA site is in Ukrainian however you can use Google Translate to translate the site for you. You cannot search for universities in English however if you can find the name of the university in Cyrillic from the university website, etc. you can translate the page and then enter the university name in the appropriate field. As far as finding the EducationUSA office, go to, it will have a list of all the centers in Ukraine. Hope this helps, Nathanael