What is Credential Evaluation?

Credential evaluations are a vital service that allows you to fully understand the educational credentials of international prospective employees. Included in the service is the verification of all submitted documents with their issuing institutions to prove their authenticity.

There are many different kinds of credential evaluation services available and a full list with descriptions can be found by following our Services link.

Once we have received your evaluation request, a GAE international credential evaluator will begin by checking the authenticity of the documents. The next step is to evaluate the credentials and the report will be completed including: the name(s) and location(s) of the institution(s) attended, the names of all degrees, certificates, diplomas, or licenses earned in their language of origin, the year the qualification was awarded, the major field of study, and a GAE certified judgment as to the U.S. equivalencies of all qualifications. A second international credentials evaluator then reviews the completed report before the report is returned to the applicant and the employer. Using this report the employer will be assured that any decision they make in the hiring process is made using the best available information.